Autumn School 2023: Inorganic electrochemical reactors for sustainable chemicals, fuels and power production


The programme of the Autumn School reflected the research and development work where inorganic electrochemical reactors offer new technological pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve efficiency. The event delivered tutorial lectures providing comprehensive insights into the design, fabrication and modeling of materials and component.

“The Autumn School represents a unique opportunity for bringing experts and students together into the world of inorganic electrochemical reactors. Our collective efforts aim to provide a space where the latest improvements on these technologies can be explored and understood” said Selene Hernández Morejudo, Project Coordinator of SINGLE project and part of the Scientific Committee.

As a part of the dedicated Session for applications of electrochemical reactors and process intensification, the scalable electrochemical proton ceramic reactors (PCERs) for hydrogen technologies was presented. The PCER is at the core of SINGLE project, and efficiently extract and compress hydrogen from diverse sources as natural gas or ammonia.