The future of energy begins with a SINGLE step

The project will enable ammonia as an energy carrier in the hydrogen value chain through demonstration of a Proton Ceramic Electrochemical Reactor (PCER) that integrates

• ammonia dehydrogenation (ADH) reaction
• hydrogen separation
• heat management
• compression

in a SINGLE stage.

The technology

SINGLE expands on the technology already demonstrated in Clark et al. “Single-step hydrogen production from NH3, CH4, and biogas in stacked proton ceramic reactors”.

The key technology component of PCER is the electrochemical cell, that is engineered to act as a durable ADH catalyst and a voltage-driven membrane for hydrogen separation and compression.

The realization of the 4 process steps in a single reactor allows the technology to achieve unprecedented energy efficiencies and directly deliver high purity pressurized hydrogen.

SINGLE will demonstrate the technology at a 10 kg H2 /day scale and provide a pathway for future scaleup systems ranging from small (fuelling stations) to large centralized (at harbour) deployments.


SINGLE will advance the technology from TRL3 to TRL5, demonstrating its feasibility and potential for scalable applications. More outcomes will be presented below, when available.


The consortium counts on partners from the industry, institute and academia sectors with high world-wide excellence in the respective fields of catalysis, electrochemical membrane reactors, life-cycle assessment, process engineering, control systems and hydrogen fuelling stations.

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